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How to fix Windows Error 1005?

Windows error 1005 caused due to the misconfiguration of windows operating system. It is a common error that needs a technical person to fix the issue. So, you can fix the issue by reading steps given below or you can call Microsoft certified technician to fix the windows error 1005.

This post contains the information about How to fix windows error 1005 and how to fix it. Read the article properly to fix the issue manually.


What is Error Code?

The 1005 error code is a numerical representation of error. The code stores the information about the error occurred. The hexadecimal error code stores the information of error at which it occurs. The error code also tells the description, so the technical person will fix it normally.


The error code tells the Causes of Windows Error. Sometimes the error code has a hexadecimal error code which contains more information. The error code stores the information in memory about the error.

What are the Causes of Windows Error?

The error Code 1005 occurred due to the corrupted windows registry files. This can be a real threat to your computer.


System registry error can make harm to your computer and registry files. This may be happened due to virus and malware attack. It can also happen due to incomplete installation, improper uninstallation of application. These can harm your windows registry files. The corrupt windows files have resulted in the improper working of the system.

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